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With 100 years of history under its belt, Trojan knows a thing or two about sex. That’s why Trojan has partnered with Answer at Rutgers University to bring you Sex, Etc. University, an online experience with the tips you need to have a healthy, safe and fun sex life. 

Take a look around the site, and check out a few of our favorite resources:

  • How to Use Condoms the Right Way – Can you tell when a condom is damaged? Or what kind of lube doesn’t play well with latex? Check out this resource card for the answers, plus step-by-step instructions to make sure you’re using condoms correctly.
  • Nothing Is Sexier Than Confidence – This brochure covers all the keys to a fulfilling sex life—consent, pleasure, protection and more.
  • Condom Facts & Features – You’ve got lots of condom options to choose from. Find out which ones might be best for you and your partner, and how they can keep you protected.

As America’s #1 condom and the #1 pharmacist recommended brand*, you can count on Trojan’s premium latex condoms to help protect you and your partners from unintended pregnancy and STIs. Be sure to visit your student health center for all things sexual health.

Sources: * Pharmacy Times and US News & World Report 2018-2019 OTC Guide Survey