Hey! If you’ve made it this far: good job. It means you’ve found your way to Sex, Etc. University powered by Trojan. It means you’re asking questions and you’re looking for a trustworthy source to find the answers. I know that can seem tricky these days, but don’t worry—we stick to facts here. We don’t judge. We’re here for you—all of you—whether or not you’re having sex right now, and whatever your sexual orientation, gender identity, race, background or experience. There’s no shame.

You may have heard of our sister site, SexEtc.org, which provides sexual health content for teens and by teens who work with trusted sex education experts and medical professionals to ensure our content is medically accurate. Sex, Etc. University is similar, but for those of us who are a bit older now. You may have different questions, needs and experiences than you did in high school, so Sex, Etc. University was designed to grow up with you. Trojan loved the idea, so they’re helping us make it happen. 

Why We’re Here

We created this space to provide you the sex education you might not have gotten. Whether you had sex ed or not, it’s likely you still have questions. According to the Guttmacher Institute, most young people aren’t getting the sex education they need that covers topics like contraception, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, consent, masturbation, sexually transmitted infections, condoms, dating and relationships. We believe this information should be free, accurate, accessible, affirming and non-judgmental. 

There are a few different places you can start. You might want to check out Maddy’s video about online dating or Jakhi’s video about consent. The important thing is that there are things you want to know—and it’s OK to ask questions. You don’t have to keep wondering. 

Why It Matters

When you can access the information about sex that you want and need, you can make safer, healthier and more informed choices. (You can have better sex and relationships, too.) After all, you’re here to learn, grow and have fun. 

Stay safe out there. 



Sarah Emily Baum (she/they) is a rising junior at Hofstra University studying journalism and public policy. She has written for The New York Times, Teen Vogue and HuffPost. When she’s not curating sex education content for the masses, Sarah can be found playing the guitar, befriending the neighborhood feral cat colony or unleashing her stream of consciousness on @SarahEmilyBaum on Twitter.